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Ulti-Mate2 Stenciling and Scoring Tool

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If you love stenciling, this tool is going to be a must have and this will be the last stenciling tool you will ever need. The quality of this tool is superb and Lisa Horton Crafts has designed it with care for all stencilers. Not only can you use your stencils with this tool, but it is also perfect for scoring and inking as well. 

Contents: This Ulti-Mate2 Multi Tool system has the following components included: 

  • One Ulti-Mate2 Multi Tool 
  • One silicone mat
  • One felt-like storage bag 
  • One stylus tool with three heads 


  • The Multi Tool measures 11.25" x 11.25" 
  • The working area measures 9.5" x 10.5", leaving a 1" margin around the entire area. 
  • The silicone mat measures 9.5" x 9.75" and is 0.06" thick. 
  • The closed storage bag measures 12.75" x 13". 


  • This amazing Ulti-Mate2 Tool is designed by Lisa Horton Crafts.  
  • This tool has a unique peg system with six pegs at the top of the working area to hold your Lisa Horton Crafts stencils in place. If you do not have Lisa Horton stencils yet, no worries, there is a coordinating die (sold separately) that will die-cut your stash of stencils to fit correctly on this tool. 
  • The opposite side of this tool has a handy scoreboard to help with creasing, marking, and decorating your projects. The scoreboard features measurements all around the frame and the scoreboard marks every 1/8" inch for making a variety of projects.
  • There is a storage area at the top and bottom of the tool for your wax pickup nibs and ball tools. This storage area is divided in half so you can store your tools from either end of the tool.

Silicone Mat:

  • The blending station has a 0.06" thick white silicone mat with a sticky surface that helps keep your stencils in place, no more worrying about your stencil moving halfway through your project and having to restart your coloring. This mat fits perfectly inside the Ulti-Mate Multi Tool base. 
  • This mat is perfect for reverse stamping. 
  • This mat is safe to use with a heat tool, which makes it easy to do all your heat embossing projects.  
  • This mat is removable and cleans up easily. 
  • This mat has gridlines for lining up your stamps and papers, with the grid marking the middle of the mat.
  • The silicone mat will clean up easily with soap and water or other cleaning products (sold separately) and will last a lifetime! 

Stylus Tool: 

  • The included stylus tool features two ends. One end has a wax pickup tool with replacement heads sold separately. The other end has three sizes of metal poking bits to help get all those pesky little pieces out from your die cuts, to make small holes for embellishments, and more. 

Storage Bag: 

  • The black, felt-like storage bag features a pocket in the front for storing stencils, dies, and other products (sold separately) that you may use with the tool. This bag also has two heavy-duty snaps on the front to keep your tools from falling out. 

With all these amazing features, when you love stenciling and other crafting techniques, what is keeping you from purchasing this amazing product? You will fall in love with this product and it will earn a permanent place on your crafting station. You will learn how to use this product for many more different techniques as you get used to creating with it. This is an extremely valuable tool that will help you create smoothly and effortlessly in no time at all.

Number of Pieces: 9